Daren, John and Brian at Fundraising night

You done it again you Fabulous People

Well you went and done it again you FABULOUS PEOPLE.

Talking with John and Brian yesterday I have got to tell you all how humble you make us feel and how grateful we are for your support.  It was our farewell drinks at Shooters Hill Sports & Social Club, they have been fantastic in hosting our events and I would highly recommend this venue.  Special thanks to BrookerMotorsport Brooker for the entertainment.

Hopefully, we got round to talk to all of you to thank you.  On our training days away your support always comes up as a topic of conversation and I would like to tell you and this is from all 3 of us.  You will be in our thoughts when we are climbing that mountain when it gets tough and we are cold, tired, hurting and want to give up.  All your words of encouragement and good wishes will be filling our heads and driving us on so please God we do get up there and you all can pat yourself on the back because you all are that important and part of the team.

Another very important part CDK who we would like to mention at this point is my wife Jackie Parr.  She has worked tirelessly organising our very successful fundraisers and through them and your support has raised a massive chunk of our target for Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.  Not only do the charity make a lot of money but she manages to ensure you have have a great time in the process, you are a STAR Jackie P and we could not be more grateful to you.  WELL DONE for what you have done.

Thank you all again for coming, we managed to raise another £160 from your generosity.  Well done to Doreen Pendergast who won £50 and got to take Prince Harry home with her.  You are the STARS.


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