Yorkshire 3 Peaks are in One Week

This will be the sight the team will be greeted with at 5 am in one week, Pen-y-Ghent.

The first of the 3 Peaks we will have to conquer as part of our attempt to become members of the prestigious Yorkshire 3 Peaks Club.  A distance of 24.5 miles, across the moors of Yorkshire, that has to be completed in under 12 hours.

More importantly for Team CDK it is our benchmark, our final BIG test because if we can do this we are ready.  If we fail there is not much time left.

This will be a great opportunity for Tim King to test out his gear, although we won’t be stopping or posing for a photo-shoot.

The transformation of the Team is quite obvious and incredible.  The training, healthy eating and complete change of lifestyle has paid big dividends.  They are a credit to their trade, their families and themselves.  Let’s just hope it’s enough. We will keep you posted.

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