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Why am I Doing This?

Why I am doing this?

Because it’s a challenge.  A life-defining challenge.  Something you can look back on when older and say ‘I Did That!’

Because it’s for Charity and not any Charity but The Taxi Charity for Military Veterans which for a few years I have been a volunteer driver for.  The Charity helps War Veterans go back to the battlefields of their youth, to meet up with old comrades & to say ‘Hello’ to fallen comrades.  It’s being with Living History.  Not in books but in the flesh.  It’s Owen and Norman. Ernie and Danny and Ruby.  It’s real people that tell their stories & take you back in time.   And God so much more…

I personally know that Free Now (MyTaxi) does quite a lot for the charity behind the scenes so it’s only right they should get some recognition for their contributions.

Myself …. Well I’ve thrown myself out at 15,000 feet for the Charity with other foolhardy souls (3 other Cabbies) and on this trip again with Cabbies.  It’s a bonding that CDK has gave us.  Thanks to all our sponsors and supporters it’s made it that much easier.

Brian Heffernan (aka Bruce)

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