We Will be Ready!

When we started the challenge nine months ago, we were all looking to change our lives for the better.

Driving a Taxi in London can be a very unhealthy and stressful way to earn a living, unless you take positive steps to counterbalance things.  The combination of a sedentary lifestyle, eating in cafes and

London traffic can lead to serious health issues.

Cabbies do Kili is our way of changing that and hopefully inspiring fellow Taxi drivers to look after their health a bit more.

We were offered training by Be Military Fit, which for me has been life changing.

In the beginning, I set myself a target of losing 5 stone before attempting Kilimanjaro.  So far I’ve shed more than 3 and a half stone and have 3 months left to lose the rest.

Our team has shrunk since the beginning with only 4 remaining down from 10.

We have been to the Peak district and also did a night summit of Snowdon.  I have discovered a passion for hiking and hillwalking that has really surprised me!  With this new found love of the great outdoors has come not only better fitness but also a calmer happier Taxi Driver!  My wife and children have definitely noticed.

In 3 months we will set off to Africa to begin the biggest adventure of our lives whilst raising money for the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.

We will be ready.

John Dilane (aka Driller)

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