The five fat cabbies became three!  Three middle aged fat London cabbies on a mission

It all started with a Tweet.

“Any other cabbies out there fancy losing weight with me and then climb Mount Kilimanjaro?”

Where do we begin?

The first stage is to lose a combined weight of 25 stone.  Then we are off to Tanzania to take a stroll up Africa’s highest mountain – Kilimanjaro (not for the fainthearted) and a massive achievement which for us will require huge determination and during our journey we hope to raise £20k for the Taxi Charity for Military Veterans.

So how are we going to do what seems impossible?

We all have the same goals and have now become a team.  I actually didn’t think too many people would be that interested. There was the expected copious amount of leg pulling but what emerged was a group of cabbies who were as serious about this as I was.  I started to get a lot of private messages enquiring about this and we’ve ended up with a group of five cabbies who have committed ourselves from start to finish.

Between us, we vary from 22 stone down to 16 and we all have individual targets as far as weight loss is concerned.  But with a combined weight of 25 stone to lose, we’ve got to get going and start our new regimes.  

As a London cabby, I, as many of my colleagues do, scream very loudly at how wonderful we are.  We invest so many years into the Knowledge.  We are consistently voted the number 1 Gold Standard Taxi drivers on the planet.  This is all fantastic but what good is that if we are all going to be 6 foot under after suffering a heart attack.

We’ve all embarked on our new regimes, eating more healthily and exercising.  Out with the McDonald’s breakfasts and in with porridge, poached eggs and muesli!

We have our own WhatsApp group where we bounce ideas off each other and generally support each other.

The Cherry on the Top

We are very proud to be supporting and raising £20k for the Taxi Charity who provide assistance and help to our war veterans and war disabled by providing entertainment, outings and specialist equipment to those who fought for us.




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Our photographer for our trip to Tanzania

CDK have recruited an award winning photographer to record in picture and film our attempt to climb Kilimanjaro. Tim has been with us in some capacity nearly from the start guiding them on trips to Kinder Scout, Mam Tor and the Great Ridge and after our photographer, Jon Cox, could not come to Kili it was derided that Tim would be the next best option and we are very grateful to have him on board.

My name is Tim King, I am 53yrs old and have been taking photos for over 40yrs, but more seriously since retiring 6yrs ago when I completed a photography diploma!  I love walking, I love the peaks and I love a challenge! When we do the 3 peaks in August it will be my 13th time!! ( so I suppose I’m a bit mad too!! 🤣) I have been asked to accompany ‘CabbiesDoKili’, as a photographer, on their quest to

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