Victoria O'Donnell

Victoria O’Donnell

Age: 50 years

Current weight: 12 stone 11 lbs

Target Weight: 10 stone 11 lbs

My name is Victoria and I have been a black taxi driver for 15 years.

I have struggled with my weight since getting married and having my daughter 9 years ago.  Two years ago I decided I didn’t want to be fat and 50 and joined Slimming World and our local gym.  After a lot of hard work and willpower, I managed to lose 4 stone.

Recently I’ve lost my way and gained a stone.  I want to get back to where I was and lose another stone on top.  I will work better with a goal and the ‘Cabbies Do The Meru and Kili 2’ is perfect to get me back on track.

I’m really looking forward to getting my mojo back and taking on this challenge with everyone and sharing this experience of a lifetime.

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