Tim King

Hello all .. I’m Tim, 53yrs old and was the non-cabbie to summit with the CDK 2019 team.

I have been involved with CDK almost since its beginnings and was absolutely proud and privileged to have been invited to become a team member. My main roles are to document the epic challenges and training events through my photography and videography! I am passionate about capturing the world through a lens.

CDK 2020 team members will no doubt get fed up of me poking my camera in their faces .. sorry!! Not sorry!! 🤣🤣

I’m also responsible for arranging 4 training weekends throughout 2020, the first of which will be in The Peak District in March … building up to the final training exercise in August .. the notorious Yorkshire 3 Peaks!! Having already climbed Kilimanjaro and experienced an amazing life-changing challenge, I’m buzzing about doing it all again and seeing the inspirational stories of all the cabbies evolve!!

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