Sarah Tobia

Sarah Tobias

Age: 50 years

Current weight: 11 stone 1 lb

Target Weight: 10 stone 7 lb

I’m Sarah and I turned 50 this year, although my head still thinks I’m 20!  I have an 18 year old daughter, a dog and a horse. 

I love being outside and walking and was considering joining in with the challenge when someone said I wouldn’t be able to do it.  So that made up my mind I’m definately going to do it, I’m gonna climb Mount Kilimanjaro!!
I’ve always admired anyone who is top of their game and although I know I won’t be the best there, I will do MY best.
My challenge will be to strengthen up, I want to be stronger than I’ve ever been, so as well as hill walking I’ll be going gym and Pilates.
I think I’ll find the climate difficult as I hate being cold but I love eating and my reckoning is the more I train the more I can eat!!
I’ve never been part of a team before and I’m an only child so I could very well throw a tantrum and stamp my feet, especially if that mountain doesn’t behave the way I want 😂😂

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