Daren Parr

Age: 53 years

Current weight: 17 stone

Target Weight: 15 stone

Hi, I’m 53 years old and one of the original members of Cabbies do Kilimanjaro.

I got bitten by the Kilimanjaro bug 14 months ago when we formed CDK. The journey I have been on so far has been amazing. After losing 4 stones and turning my life around summiting Kilimanjaro was the pinnacle and very emotional for me. But I could not leave it there. We wanted to inspire other people to experience the adventure, transformation, team spirit, self-accomplishment and just sheer MAGIC of standing on the roof of Africa. I hope we have not bitten off more than we can chew with the back to back mountains Meru+Kili2.

I aim to lose another 2 stone with the same training as last year, spin and hillwalking. I would like nothing more than to stand on top of Kili as PROUD AS PUNCH with my London Cabbie Teammates sharing that once in a lifetime moment. Will probably take some cleanex tissues this time because if we make it I know it’s going to be emotional again.

I eat, drink and sleep CDK 2020 and love that we are back next year. Good Luck Team 2020.

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