Team CDK at BMF Blackheath Training Session

This was the biggest team gathering of CabbiesDoMeru+Kili2 so far for our first BMF Blackheath team session.

BMF is what says on the tin – Be Military Fit.

It isn’t easy, it’s muddy at times and in Greenwich Park there are some naughty hills but that doesn’t mean it’s not enjoyable.  Once you  have done it you feel like a million dollars!

We were so encouraged by the enthusiasm and attitude of Team 2020.  Let me tell you …


There was a bit of grunting and groaning but no one gave up we gave it everything.  If someone was finding it tough getting up a hill after a workout, someone stepped up to help them.

We all loved it and Ryan at BMF Blackheath knows his stuff.  He tweaked us to the limit which is the sign of a good trainer.  There’s a long way to go but it made us proud today to be part of this and thankful for such nice people that it has brought together.

I deliberately left out the word MOTIVATION!  Because that’s where you, our supporters, played a massive part last year in helping us get to the top.  We are hoping you won’t let us down again this year.  We will give you our all, I promise.  Your words of encouragement and motivation are priceless, trust me!

So cheer us on, get behind us, follow us and tell your friends because when we get to the top it will be because we have your support and encouragement and you will be part of it.

Now turn the sound on, sit back, put your tongue in your cheek and think to yourself “Yep they’re going to need my help ….”

But have faith in us 

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