Team 2020 Ladies enjoying BMF

The ladies of Kili 2020 have started their BMF training sessions.

These 2 ladies certainly have attitude ….. THE RIGHT ATTITUDE. After sponsoring CDK last year and making all the difference Be Military Fit are back onboard ready to help Team 2020 by giving all the team free membership for the year.

The name Be Military Fit may send shivers of apprehension down your spine with visions of some hard faced super fit Sargent Major screaming in your ear but that’s far from what they are all about and these ladies June and Annie tell you just why.

BMF is for everyone, all ages, sizes and levels of fitness. Everyone of our team for next year that have gone and tried it has loved it.

It gets better – you too can go along and try it for FREE. So get on board with CDK and BMF go along to your nearest session and try it. You never know you may love it or you may hate but UNTIL you’ve tried it you’ll never know. June and Annie tried it and they know 😃

June & Annie after their first BMF Training Session
Melin Sharpe after 1st BMF Training Session
Claire after completing her 1st BMF Training Session

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