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Tanzania Unforgettable by Jackie Parr

I would like to reiterate my husband’s words by thanking all those who have been involved in bringing CabbiesDoKilimanjaro to your beautiful country, especially Steven Vallan and his team who we have been lucky enough to travel with & been looked after by very well.

Tracy, Natalia & I were invited some months back to accompany our husbands, causing much excitement amongst us. Although we have supported them since their adventure began 12 months ago we never dreamed we would also join them in Tanzania.

We have experienced so many things for the first time, a safari, a balloon ride across the Serengeti, of-course forgetting the champagne breakfast & wow the Ngorongoro Crater to name but a few.

No one part of the past 6 days can outshine another as each experience has been unique.

While everyone knows the name of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, many, if not most people we spoke to back in the UK during the months preceding our trip had not heard of it.
CabbiesDoKilimanjaro found the conservation area breathtaking and fell in love with its history, beauty, wildlife & the essence of the land. Marketing this 8th natural wonder of the world alongside your other 16 national parks would no doubt help bring good exposure & tourists flocking here.

We cannot wait to spread the word, Tanzania unforgettable.

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