So Far So Good

We have been truly overwhelmed with the support and encouragement we have received from everyone in and outside the Trade.  We have begun our training with Be Military Fit.  We have become a team, motivating and helping each other. We’ve now become great friends too.

With Thanks to Tim King Movies

Why am I Doing This?

Why I am doing this? Because it’s a challenge.  A life-defining challenge.  Something you can look back on when older and say ‘I Did That!’

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We Will be Ready!

When we started the challenge nine months ago, we were all looking to change our lives for the better. Driving a Taxi in London can

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Brian’s Progress

Without getting too emotional I would like to highlight the progress of one of the Team, Brian Heffernan, aka Bruce. The reason being this, not

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On Wednesday 17th July the CDK Team met in a deserted car park in Boxhill, Surrey at 6am for another training hike to get us ready.

This time we were all on our own and none of us had done this hike before.  It had been recommended to us as a good warm up for Kilimanjaro and it was not false intel.  These training days are invaluable to us, not only for the fitness side, but for also for checking our kit.  We have to judge how much food and drink we carry and what other kit we might need.  If we make the wrong choice climbing Kili it could have big consequences.

Weight is kept to a minimum, every 2lb you carry becomes 8lb extra pressure on you knees when going downhill and we are not spring chickens …. more like mothered hens!

We had decided to do the 8-mile circuit twice and push ourselves to the max.  We were not disappointed because the hills and steps on this hike are quite long and severe.  None of us found it easy, but the diets, workouts and training walks are paying off.

We completed the 2 circuits in 6hrs 20mins and felt suitably battered at the end.  I am so pleased with my team mates, we shared what didn’t have enough of and encouraged each other when we needed it (the odd barracking and rollocking goes without saying!).

We are becoming a team and the hard work has really paid off.  The dedication, attitude and determination now means I not only have a team but I have team-mates!

By Daren Parr



29th May 2019


7th January 2019


with special thanks to Action Challenge

So this was another BIG weekend for Cabbies Do Kili in preparation to climb Kilimanjaro.

With just 5 months to go Be Military Fit have been putting us through the paces and upping our fitness.

Morale was high and although Rosh was not on this this trip he is confident he will be ready for the Big One.

After a long 6 hour drive to North Wales we enjoyed a Team Building evening at a hotel just outside Snowdonia and prepared well with a few beers and up to a full English Breakfast, very rarely enjoyed by us now!! But before a big climb it’s was a treat and we all enjoyed it (I could tell just by the sound effects 😁)

It was Judith’s turn to drive and a fine job he made of it.  Team spirit is great and there was banter all the way.  We arrived at the Youth Hostel and was shown to our digs.  It was fine, but reminded us of the TV programme Porridge.

A briefing from Action Challenge and a kit check, which was much appreciated, and we were off to the shop to get some much needed kit.

We went for a 4-mile trek, got our first views of the snow-capped Mount Snowden and enjoyed the remnants of Hurricane Helena.

In TRUE CDK style the weather took a turn for the worst and things soon looked a lot more serious.  We went back to the digs, had some dinner and tried to get some sleep before our midnight start to climb Snowdon.

With head torches on we started off and the weather seemed to have settled a bit.  It took a bit of getting used to walking in pitch black and trying not to blind each other with our head torches every time we spoke to each other.

As expected, the climb was hard and relentless, we were in a group of about 12 people with 2 guides.  The higher we got the stronger the wind became and the temperature dropped.  By the time we reached the snow line we had been climbing for about 4 hours and it soon became much harder.  It was strength sapping trying to walk on snow and ice.

After about 20 minutes of this the guides stopped and had a discussion.  They were turning us back, the wind was really strong now and the temperature was freezing.  I protested as we wanted to summit.  But they were right SAFETY MUST ALWAYS COME FIRST.

It was not a failure, we were ready for it, but mother nature wanted to have her say!!!!

By Daren Parr


with special thanks to Tim King

What a weekend CDK had! It certainly was very testing

Huge thanks to Tim King for creating this masterpiece.

It was meant to be a training weekend, the first time we had all been away together as a TEAM.

Firstly, a massive THANK YOU to Tim King who sat down with me a while ago and decided what would be best for us and he did not disappoint.

First day was high winds and the climb up Kinder Scout, one of the highest peaks in the Peak District.

We found it hard going but it was great to be actually out in similar terrain and gradients as it will be on Mount Kilimanjaro.  The going was pretty slow, Rosh particularly found it tough as he is a bit behind with the training as he has been dealing with all the administration for us.

We all had to dig very deep to complete the climb and then descend down the legendary Jacobs Ladder, it was a real test and a constant pounding to the joints.

Brian injured his ankle quite badly on the way down but we completed it – although not all unscathed.

We had a regroup and team meeting the next morning and Tim and I revealed Day 2 of the challenge, a 10 mile hike over some real gnarly terrain.  The weather did not disappoint with gale force winds and torrential rain.  We decided as a team that it was best to rest Rosh for the second day as he really was feeling the effects of Kinder Scout.

Rosh knows he now has to concentrate of training hard now and hopefully will be ready for Snowden in 5 weeks.

The second day was even tougher.  Brian had necked a few pain killers and was raring to go so the 4 of us set off with Tim showing us the way.  We managed to complete the second day against all Mother Nature could throw at us.  Climbing Mam Tor and completing the Great North Ridge in the process.

I am so PROUD and pleased how far the team has come.

We are all behind Rosh and know he will give it his all to be there with us at Snowden.  He is the key man in the team and we all want him there with us.

Special thanks also to James Appleton of Be Military Fit who was far more than the photographer on the day.

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Our first Training Session in Regents Park 15/01/19

We are hoping to make this a monthly event and if you would like to come and join us we would be more than happy for you to train with us.  We post date and time on Twitter so please follow us at @cabbiesdokili

Take a peek at our progress


We have been enjoying training with Be Military Fit and with Christmas over it is time to step up a gear.



With the Pub Quiz and Charity Cab Wash under our belt, both of which were a huge success (thanks to  you!) we are now looking at other ways to raise money during 2019



It is time to quit those bad habits and make new healthy choices


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