Our First Training Session with Be Military Fit

On the morning of 24th October 2018 in a dark car park, under a flyover just off the A4 at 6.45am there we were “The Fantastic Five” huddled in a group speculating what pain and torture were going to be put upon us. “D” had arrived. I think the fact that we are all obese and haven’t really done any meaningful training for god knows how long we were all very positive but a bit apprehensive. We have been kindly given unlimited access to inspirational videos and nutrition advice by @FatLossForLife which is a great help in putting us in the right frame of mind. Then it happened, the @BeMiltaryFit van of pain pulled into the car park. A couple of photographers had turned up and we also had a drone flying above our heads filming us. There was no hiding! Tommy from BMF gets out the van, opens the back doors and we all gasp and take a step back. He grabs 5 oversize rubber bands. That didn’t look that sinister at all if I’m honest. We were then marched over to a clearing and it all started. Time to warm up! I’ve never heard so many twangs, grunts, moans and even heavy breathing on a warm up ……. but because BMF are so professional they knew how far to push us. Before we knew it we were jogging, doing push-ups and even running up a hill after exercise.  Unsurprisingly when we finished we were knackered, a group of steam and sweat.  But we had done it and survived, some fared better than others but we had done it as a team. The first one is always the worst but let me tell you we are up for it together. At the end whilst we were having some photos done in some great T-shirts that @JustSo Clothing & Merchandise Ltd had made for us to help raise our profile Jon Cox our photographer and fellow cabbies said “Come on lads let’s have one with the tops off!“.  That was the BIG ONE actually showing the world what you are and what you try to cover up and disguise every day! That pic is very poignant to us now. Those bellies are going – we hate them – but it will be great to look back at the photo and see how we have changed. Once again thank you for all your words of encouragement. Bye bye bellies!!!

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