Eat, Drink and Sleep Kilimanjaro!

Nine months into Cabbies do Kilimanjaro and it has totally engrossed my life for the better!

What with all the organising of training weekends and fundraisers for a very worthy charity, I really don’t have a minute to spare.

  As a team, we have certainly had our ups and downs.  The start was great, what a fantastic idea, climb a mountain, lose loads of weight, get fitter, healthier and live longer.  In reality turn round a lifetime of bad habits in a year.  It’s going to engross your life, isn’t it?

We all gave it a shot, our best shot to start with but the dedication and determination were too much for some.  Those that dropped out shouldn’t be ashamed they had a go that’s something but to complete something like this, you can’t have any cracks because they become exposed and fracture.

Team weekends climbing Kinder Scout, Man Tor, The Great Ridge, and Snowdon bonded the team in some ways and exposed cracks in others.  That’s what they are designed to do and they work.

I’ve loved every minute, the transformation of us all has been amazing.  Not only physically but mentally too.   Yes, we look slimmer and of course, are a bit healthier but we can now endeavour to dream with a bit of confidence about climbing the Highest Mountain in Africa.  ALL 19,382 feet of it.

We have all climbed life’s mountains just to be in the position we are now. resisting bad food, cutting down drinking and exercising 5 times a week.  All those life changes.  For me, it will mean nothing unless I get to the top!  But it will mean even more if WE ALL GET TO THE TOP.

Like I said.  I eat, drink and sleep it!

There’s no other way

Daren Parr (Sir Edmund) 

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