Day 5 Monday 30th September 2019 Barranco Camp (3,972 metres)

Day 5 – Monday 30 Sep 19 – Barranco Camp 3972M

6-7 hrs trekking today.  We trek east across beautiful barren moon like landscape and around craters that scar the earth.  We trek in the shadow of mighty Kibo until reaching the Lava Tower where we stop for some lunch, the highest point of the day at 4,630 metres.

This afternoon we descend through the surrounding ravines, with their wonderful micro climates and beautiful bird life.  We eventually reach our camp late in the afternoon.  This descent aids the acclimatisation process and allows our bodies to adjust to the ever changing altitude.

Daren is suffering with altitude sickness but the other boys seem to be alright at the moment.   Jackie Parr is very worried him but is sure he is sensible enough to get through it especially as there was a decent to help with acclimatisation.

Message received from Daren.


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