Firstly, I would like to thank “You”! Because without you taking an interest in a challenge like this it would be pointless, as we are just a by-product of trying to raise money for some men and women who we all owe a debt too, The War Veterans.

My name is Daren, I’m 52, have been married for nearly 30 years.  We have a Daughter and 2 fabulous Grandchildren.

About 10 years ago now I was lucky enough to be involved with a TV program called Extreme Dreams with Ben Fogle and went to Uganda and climbed 16000ft Mount Baker.

Because of my previous “experience “team fat cabbies decided to give me the nickname of “ Sir Edmond “ but I’m far from worthy of this because 14 years driving a black cab has caught up with me and to be honest, I’m ashamed of myself.

My weight is even stopping me from fully enjoying my Grandkids and something has to give.

So a year of hard training followed by 6 days climbing up a 19380ft mountain is just the focus and motivation I need.

The blokes I am doing it with have already become friends and please God when we are all waving from the top, it’s to you and everyone who has helped and most importantly contributed to a very worthy cause X

And my Grandkids said thank you for helping their Grandad ?

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