Day 9 – Cosovo – Summit Camp

We are at summit camp Cosovo.

Thank you so much for my card and the words needless to say I blubned like a baby.

So you can imagine what I was like with the kids pictures, tell them it’s what will get me up there and I will take them up a mountain one day

Weather looks good at the moment.  We have a bite to eat at 5.30pm then bed until 11pm.  You would love this part ?

I so need the sleep as I have only had 2 to 3 hrs each night and it has caught up.

Feeling strong and so determined you wouldn’t believe it.  Please let everyone know I am doing alright.

Have a safe journey to the airport and please God see you tomorrow night I can’t wait.

Love you more than the little bit of oxygen I’m try to breath up here.

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