Brian’s Progress

Without getting too emotional I would like to highlight the progress of one of the Team, Brian Heffernan, aka Bruce.

The reason being this, not only has Bruce shared with us all his battle with The Big D, but he really has put into perspective the SPIRIT OF CDK.  From struggling with motivation to get out and do the training and stay motivated with healthy eating at the start, he seemed to have a bit of a light bulb moment about 4 months ago.  Since then he has been an inspiration to us all.

First, he amazingly completed just over 100 miles in a month training, has attended all CDK training walks and been on all the Weekends to Kinder Scout and Snowden.

He will be the first to agree he has found none of them easy, he has overcome injury and gone on to complete all the climbs (with a pain killer or 3 to help!).

His sense of humour keeps us all on our toes and in stitches at times.

The other reason is this, Brian attends more Taxi Charity for Military Veteran events than any of us and so gives up more of his time.  

He will be going to Waterloo with the Vets from the 13th-16th July to escort the Veterans to an archaeological dig at The Battlefield of Waterloo in Belgium.  This is his 3rd trip this year!

The improvement he has made in his fitness and stamina was highlighted this very weekend. I had asked the Team if they were up for a “Prep for The Yorkshire 3 Peaks”.  A couple are away on holiday and sure enough Brucie was up for it.  We completed 17 miles up and over as many hills and steep climbs we could find.  Brucie was there at the end, smile on his face and some ice cream still round his chops … but he was there having completed another milestone.

Well done mate, Keep up the good work.

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