An Exciting Piece from our new Sponsors London Taxi PR

We are pleased to announce London Taxi PR are now sponsoring our climb.

What is LondonTaxiPR?

LondonTaxiPR has been set up to positively promote & raise the profile of our world-famous iconic Licensed London Taxi Profession, through advertising & PR.

LondonTaxiPR was set up by Lee Sheppard in March 2015.  Lee has been a GB driver since 1997 and is passionate about his profession and says “I felt the need to set this up, with the hope that by bringing about positive Advertising campaigns & PR,  it will help with the future of our trade”

Since starting in March 2015 LondonTaxiPR has grown into a team of 4.

Lee now works alongside,

Andy Scott is an experienced PR professional & Journalist

Andy Perry is an experienced advertising executive who advises & assists on all campaigns

Michael Mongey is a London Taxi driver of 33 years & assists in general running of LondonTaxiPR

Lee Sheppard and Andy Scott work tirelessly to try and promote and help the trade and our livelihoods.

Click to read a very in-depth piece with some great facts from our latest sponsors.

They need your support

For all future promotions & advertising campaigns, we aim to approach all members from within the trade & ask them to make contributions to our PR fund.  We hope that with your help & support we will promote the advantages, benefits & safety of using our iconic service, to the general public & all visitors to our great city. Keeping the world best taxi service at the forefront of Londoner’s minds.





You can donate by clicking here

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