Wind, Rain, Dedication and Poles!

Here is a compilation of a couple of videos by myself and Tim with a bit of advice for Team CDK2020.

The big ones to remember are don’t compromise comfort for fashion because you will not give a dam or will no one else what you look like on the mountain.

Build up your muscle memory, this takes time, don’t leave it until the last few months because it will be too late and could be the difference between you completing the challenge. You will need this I promise you.

Train with a weighted rucksack because you will have one on your back every day on Kili so you might as well get used to walking with 15lb on your back, it will be a shock to your system if you have not.

I have to say well done to the Team so far, everyone is really getting into it, weightloss is looking steady and good. For those who need to lose the most, fitness levels and walking distances are being increased, just as they should be.

The first real big test will be The Peak district in March. Everything will be tested there and for those who are in any doubt just how tough things can get this will be an eye-opener. We will bring you videos and pictures of how the team fared.

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