3 Months to Go – Our Planned Training Days

So it’s 3 months from today that “The New Slim Look” CDK Team make that trip to Heathrow for the long flight to Tanzania.

After a couple of weeks turning the “FULL ON” button off it’s time to switch it back “ON” and go for it.  It’s good to kick back a little bit and let your body recover from the hammering it is taking, but now we have to mean business!!

The team has a training day in Boxhill planned with a 8-mile hike around the famous Surrey Hills.  Then our last big test will be The Yorkshire 3 Peaks in August.  A very tough 24.5 Mile hike over 3 Yorkshire Peaks which needs to be completed in under 12 hrs.  Only then do you get to become a member of the coveted Yorkshire 3 Peaks Club.

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