Yorkshire 3 Peaks – It was tough but we did it!

Well,  we told you it was going to be TOUGH and The Yorkshire 3 Peaks did not disappoint.  It was my 3rd time, 1 fail and 1 success. Tim King was his 14th it was Brian and John’s first time.

We went up on Monday to stay in a hotel to get an early start for Tuesday morning.

This was our 4th trip away and because we have to watch what we eat and drink all the time, we went for a couple of beers and a meal . Even CDK have to let their hair down now and then .

5am meet, no one was late and everyone had learnt from our previous trips that they had to be ready and prepared and they was.  Short drive to the start and we were off. This really was crunch time, there was no hiding, no saying you had done the training or been to the gym.  The scales speak for themselves!

We would know now over the next 12hrs if we were ready.

Going is tough from start to finish, combined with 14lb rucksacks it was never going to be easy. What Brian and John were not expecting was the sheer immensity of the challenge with a bit of precarious rock climbing thrown in.

Driller shone through there was no doubt in our minds that he had been training, you can see the difference, the guy has lost 5 stone from last July, a truly fantastic achievement.  The rock climbing and cattle grids proved a bit of a challenge and even he struggled at times but he is a great example and inspiration to Team CDK.

Brucy has had his ups and downs with the training and losing weight.  He had overcome some demons to be on the start line, as you would know if you have been following us.  He was great on the flat but struggled on the climbs and ascent . But he did not stop a few grunts, groans and yelps here and there but he ground it out.  With the Brucy sense of humour always shining through. I am proud of what he has achieved.

This was my 3rd time, don’t know if it was an advantage to know what was ahead of us or not!  But, I also found it tough, there is no way i could have done this a year ago. I battled on trying to encourage and motivate where i could.  To say the weight I have lost and the training was a massive help is an understatement.

Tim was superb and showed he is a big asset to the team.  Not only completing it, but he was back and forth running around taking photos and video footage.  We are lucky to have him on board.

It’s the furthest and toughest test that Team CDK have ever done.  We wanted to be at a point before the journey to Mount Kilimanjaro.  We have reached that point, we are there. I am both lucky and proud to be around such dedicated and likewise thinking team mates.  I have tried to capture what we went through. I hope you enjoy.

We only enjoyed the end bit, but celebrated in style with a well deserved curry and numerous pints at the end.

A massive thank you to everyone who has helped us get to this point.  This little victory for us is dedicated to YOU.

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2 thoughts on “Yorkshire 3 Peaks – It was tough but we did it!”

  1. Hi
    Please can you advise how intense Kilimanjaro is to the three peaks? I completed the three peaks challenge (1 fail and 1 success also) this year and I’m considering Kilimanjaro next but the height and distance worries me. I did the 3 peaks in 9 hour and was fine but couldn’t walk to the toilet the next day! Doing a 3/4 days trek may be too hard….??? Any help will be greatly received and we’ll done on your missions

    1. Hi Chantel,
      Thanks for getting in touch. The cabbies are due to summit Kilimanjaro today. When they arrive home I will get one of them to reply to your message.

      All the best.

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