Mount Meru & Kili 2


Cabbies do Kilimanjaro came back from a memory packed trip of a lifetime from Tanzania.  We had done it, from Fat Cabbies to Challenge Conquerers but we were by any means finished with what we had started.

It was always one of our goals to inspire and motivate other people to experience what we had done.  So on the last day of the Safari we sat in the vehicle on the way home trying to think of how we could best accomplish this.  We wanted to come back to Tanzania because we had enjoyed it so much but it was pointless just coming back to climb Mount Kilimanjaro again there had to be another reason, then John came up with “How about back to back mountains“ It was one of those eureka moments.  I knew exactly what he meant. Climb Mount Meru, then climb Kilimanjaro straight after it all just fell into place. I said “Why not get a team of Cabbies to meet us at the foot of Kilimanjaro and we get as many London Taxi Drivers on the roof of Africa as we can “.  We all looked at each other it was a perfect moment, our challenge had not just come to an end, it had just started.

Our wives Jackie and Natalia had been touched by the beauty of Tanzania and its people, especially the children, that we’re always so pleased to receive the smallest of gifts with the biggest smile on their face and a happy skip back off to where they had come from with the knowledge and thoughts that someone had given them something just because they are them. They soon had put together a plan to come back and do their best to help as many children as they could by supplying them with school clothes, books, pens etc.  We were all in out element.

Ideas were coming thick and fast.  From this moment Cabbies do Kili 2020 was born.

More or less as soon as we got home we put out one of those infamous Tweets.  35 cabbies replied and with a couple having second thoughts about the dedication and commitment required to attempt this challenge we are now left with 33.  Almost equal amounts of ladies and gents.  All different weights, ages, sizes and reasons to take on this challenge.

We hope to introduce them all to you over the next year.  So you can follow all of our quests to complete our challenge for 2020.  We hope to bring you all the ups, downs and the in between’s.

We are supporting a different charity this year The Taxi Drivers Charity for Children, a well established charity that was formed in 1928 helping London’s disabled and underprivileged children, 25% of the money we raise will go to a Tanzanian children’s charity.

We hope you will help us make a big difference to a lot of children next year because without your help and support it will all be in vain.

The Whole Story - Kili 2019

We will be eternally grateful to Tim King for capturing The Climb of Kilimanjaro in 2019.  It reminds us of how hard the challenge was and also contains some fond memories which will stay with us forever.

This year we are aiming to raise £10,000, which is much needed funds, for special needs and disadvantaged children.  We are proud to be raising money for the London Taxi Charity for Children and a childrens’ community project in Tanzania.

Special thanks to Be Military Fit for their continued support.

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